Time Out // Beach

January 24, 2016

 Living in Cornwall is both a blessing and a curse, as some would say? The blessing is that Cornwall indeed has some really beautiful places, the Coasts being the main sites. What's the curse may you ask? Anyone that has visited or lived in Cornwall will probably know what I am about to say.. the weather!

So, I popped my dogs on a lead and took you guys with me for a little adventure to Perranporth Beach. Note to self; bring LAYERS! 

We strolled across the beach (being absolutely blasted by the winds) and took my dogs for a paddle in the sea. The waves were massive- not that you can see- so I dared not to enter past my ankles, plus my dogs are titchy so I got away with it.

After being blown side to side, blinded by the sand storming around, shivering in the wind, we decided to warm up. We went into the cafe built IN the beach and grabbed a basket of chips and hot cocos. 

Sadly- my camera died, because why wouldn't it? So I missed out on those tumblr looking shots of the cutest cafe/bar ever!

It was really nice to get away from day to day stress, work, college, human beings! It was nice to have a peaceful day out and detox my mind, somehow days like these always refresh my look on life, gives me some sort of positivity to keep pushing on with life.

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