Lamorna Cove

January 17, 2016

During the summer myself and my family went on a little day trip to the most beautiful place I've ever seen- 'Lamorna Cove'. 

Lamorna Cove is a natural cove in Cornwall, it has a small beach and a harbour wall of which you can walk along. It has several small shops and cafes along the wall which were super cute and unique. They have outdoor seating which you can sit with a cold drink and look at the view of the sea sparking- which I must say looked beautiful. 

There are a few coastal walks that you can walk along, which have really picturesque and mind blowing views. However mind your step- it's bumpy haha!
I took my two dogs Penny & Harley (in pictures) and they absolutely loved it, glad I wasn't the only one who was knackered by this day out! 

All the shops and cafes are dog friendly, it has such a lovely close community feeling here- everyone is so lovely and friendly.

I think this place is absolutely gorgeous- specially in the hot sun! If you get a chance to come down to Cornwall, I would definitely recommend this gorgeous place. I will be back soon- haha!

Have you been Cornwall?  Where's your favourite place in Cornwall?

L x

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  1. Beautiful photos, definitely looks like a place I would love to visit x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Oh wow, this place is absolutely gorgeous hun. I love Cornwall anyway but this is just so serene and quaint. And your dog.... so cute!!


  3. Love these photos so much! Great post! Thanks for sharing this! xx

  4. great pictures, lovely views and cute doggies!


    Inspirations Have I None