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January 03, 2016

Hello everyone! 
I decided, there was no better way to start 2016 off than doing a tag, so without furthermore I'll jump into it. 

What is one of your favourite moments from last year?

That's hard to pick just one, but I'd probably have to say starting college. I love change sometimes, and it was so lovely to meet new people and see different things and be somewhere different. 

What was one New Years resolution you accomplished? 

My resolution for last year was to be happy. And although 2015 was the hardest year for me yet, I never failed to pull through everything with a smile and still fighting. I still looked for the good despite the bad, I kept positive and that was tough. So I guess I did keep to my resolution, for once;) 

Three words to describe last year?

Challenging, Emotional, Empowering. 

Favourite song from last year?

That's a tough one considering I love so many songs, buuuut I'd have to say Selena Gomez- Revival. I love all of her new album, but that song is by far my favourite.  

Something you are looking forward to this coming year?

I am officially legal to drive this year! I'd like to think I may do a few lessons this year towards driving, but I currently have my motorbike and for me that's enough right now. Maybe possibly, I'd like to get a bigger and faster bike.. that's something I'd do this year, more affordable too!

What did last year teach you?

Last year taught me many many things, but the main thing it taught me... is pain doesn't last forever. I had many challenges thrown my way in 2015, many of which was very hard to handle, many times the pain and hurt became too much. I was quite low, and some days I never left the house... however, pain doesn't last forever. Times a healer, and it certainly does heal. 

What was your most worn clothing item of last year?

Hmm, I would have to say my white ankle Converses, I wore them right through the spring to summer to even winter, definitely in need of a new pair now! 

If you had to sum up last year in one word what would it be?


What are you hoping for more of this coming year?

To blog more! I'd like to find more time and put more effort into my blog this year.

What are you hoping for less of this coming year?

Negativity. I want to get rid of anything and everything that drags me down, makes me feel negative or doesn't encourage me to be myself, or inspire me to be better. 

What is your resolution for this New Year?

To truly.... truly... be happy. Whether its with what's around me, who's around me, or happy with myself. I want to be comfortable with myself, and how I look. I'd like to focus on becoming healthier this year. I want to care less about what others think. I want to do things because I want to. I want to truly be content and happy with my life, not just settling for the way it is.

I really enjoyed this tag, it's nice to reflect on the past but still look to the future. I tag anyone that wants to do this tag. Happy New Year!

L x

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