Exploring Lulworth Villages

March 22, 2016

Lately my family and I booked a short stay away in a place called Dorset, and it was beautiful. We stayed in a large cottage called Moonfleet in Lulworth, it was the biggest place I've ever seen and the most coziest too! We were only there for a short weekend which to me, wasn't long enough to explore all these amazing sights. Any who, day one we went for a wonder through the local village, which was very nostalgic. 

After our exploration, we decided to get some food and what better way to feel like a proper traveller than to get some grub from the local pub (pun intended). 

The pub had a beautiful open fire which was so comfy. It was full of locals and dogs and the feel of the community was amazing, despite everyone looking at us and thinkng, "they're not local clearly". 

The cottages were absolutely beautiful and it was so lovely to see some old classic cottages and homes. It was such a beautiful place and the whole village as a whole is amazing, makes me want to pack my bags and live there.

L x

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