Memory Lane: Godrevy Beach

March 04, 2016

So lately I decided to go down memory lane and browse through old photos from last year and I came across these. This was such a lovely day out at Godrevy Beach, and I wanted to share them with you.

My family had just recently just got a puppy, Harley, and can we just take a moment to appreciate how small and cute he is here? They don't last!

Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is where I live, and I guess you get so used to being caught up in things to really appreciate the beauty around you. I live in a town, and it isn't all that picturesque. However, if you travel out from the town to the beaches or the coast edges the views are fantastic. 

Have you been to Cornwall? What's your favourite places?

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  1. Beautiful pictures. The dog is so cute.

  2. Oh my Harley is absolutely adorable, I LOVE him! What a gorgeous boy :).
    I would really like to visit Cornwall, it looks like such a beautiful place!

    El xx

  3. Harley is so so cute! Great photos. Gemma x