Benefit Creams

April 28, 2016

We all love healthy looking, glowing skin however sometimes it's just so damn expensive, am I right? I've tried lots of different types of creams and serums- cheap to expensive and most of them just don't make much of a difference. 

Back a year ago I discovered the beautiful Benefit counter! I spoke to the lovely lady and she helped me find a few beauty treatments specifically for my type of skin- wonderful! 

So I picked up the Triple Performing Moisturizer and the Instant Comeback Facial Serum.

I wash and cleanse my face as usual every morning and before bed. I then apply the Facial Serum as this serum soaks in your skin and moisturises it deep down, however it leaves the top of the skin feeling a bit dry to touch. And of course we want soft feeling skin, so I then apply the moisturiser which feels- ahhh so soft! 

I absolutely LOVE these, and can we take a minute to appreciate how cute the packaging is? They are fairly expensive skin care products, but they do absolute wonders believe in me. 

What skin care do you use?

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  1. Wow this moisturizer and serum seems so great...xoxo, Neha