Making Sunday More Productive

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There is nothing better than having a lazy day in your pj's with your duvet and a Ben & Jerry's watching Jeremey Kyle on a Sunday. However, those jobs aren't going to do themselves. 

Sometimes it's so nice to have a day of relaxing after a busy week, but I always feel so unproductive and lazy on Sundays. Instead of binge watching and sleeping all day, here are a few ways I like to make my Sunday more productive, but still keeping it chilled. 

1. Tidying your room

Although everyone looks at this as 'ugh no way!' there are ways of making it a much more enjoyable chore. I always find blasting some good tunes on my speakers puts me in a good vibe. Cleaning isn't fun, but with some good tunes who doesn't want to do some dancing and singing? 

2. Sort out your photos

I don't know about you, but I take soooo many photos on my phone. Often when I'm about to get a good shot my phone flashes 'storage full', isn't that so annoying? I rarely ever find the time to back all my photos up onto my laptop. If you have a spare few minutes, I highly recommend backing all your photos onto your laptop, that way you have them all safe in case the worst is to happen and you break your phone. Also, it makes more room for many more pictures to come.

3. Sort through your emails

I have so much junk that comes through my email- subscriptions I never signed up for, random ads and promotions. I rarely have the time to sit and look through them all, you never know there might be an important email waiting.

4. Go for a walk

If you have a dog, go for a stroll. I absolutely love going for a walk, take your camera or phone and get some snaps. Because I live in Cornwall, there are brilliant places to go for a picturesque walk. However, living in a city may be a bit more difficult but definitely still an enjoyable walk with or without a dog. 

5. Do some writing

Now if you have a blog, this is a great tip. I always struggle to write on demand and especially in a certain time frame. I can not be rushed, and when I feel the pressure I often make mistakes or do not enjoy doing it. Usually, if I have a spare few minutes or hours in the day, I'll make a cuppa and do some writing. That way the duvet and pj's are included but you're still being productive, sneaky!

6. Sort through your planner

If you have a planner or are not very organized, this is a great tip. It's always good writing down plans or deadlines, but it only works if you keep it up to date. So go through paperwork, find any deadlines you need, any work, any days out you've planned, any bookings and write them down. This way, you are all up to date and ready for the week ahead.

What do you do on Sundays?

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